look in the mirror

appreciate your beauty

understand what lies beneath your surface.

it’s not:

the material you are in nor the makeup brand on your skin,

the brand of shoes on your feet or even

how pretty you look on a scale of one to 10.

it’s your soul that outshines,

outlives,  outer appearances.

we age, we gain a few grey hairs, wrinkles scatter around our face

our appearance always changes.

your soul stays forever

and is

worth more then a pot of  gold.


*wrote this thinking of my mom.

My mom a strong women of faith,

full of glory showing me that the lord is the only relationship you need.

She made me the person I am today even if she disagrees.

She has taught me that getting on your knees is much more

powerful than any other thing.

She is stronger than she knows or thinks.

At times I see the thoughts filling her head,

telling her she is weak,

questioning  herself  I’m I doing the best a mother could be?

but what I see

is a mother striving to be the best mother she knows how to be.

Forgiving those who hurt her,

laughing without worrying about the future

and living for today because tomorrow is not promised.

She’s my favorite mother and warrior.