living or existing?

Let me ask you a simple question; are you living or just existing?

Living is being yourself, laughing at your mistakes, really loving those around you, appreciating every day you get the chance to live, laughing so hard you are okay with being sore the next day. Doing what you love and never wanting to look back.

Existing is another whole world of living except you aren’t really living. You are just in the moment but aren’t really paying attention. You listen to those talking to you but you don’t really grasp it, it  goes from one ear out the other. You laugh but you know yourself it’s not really your laugh. You hug those around you but it’s not what you want to do, so you’ll just play it off and act like it’s true. Your head is here, but your thoughts aren’t. You’re in the future, you’re in the past,  but never in the present. So, you are just existing not really living.

So tell me are you living or just existing?

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