just maybe

just maybe you and i weren’t meant for each other

just maybe we were meant to cross paths and learn a lesson

just maybe we found each other , because we were both slowly giving up on love

just maybe we were part of each others process in learning to love once again

people, the world & their expectations

They expect us to have it all together, because the world says if you don’t you are worthless. They expect  us to know exactly where we are going, because everyone else seems to know.  They expect us to go to college after high school because it’s what the smart people do and it’s the only way to become wealthy.  They expect us to be happy because the world is such a happy place and nothing seems to be wrong with it. They expect us to live life like crazy like do drugs, drink  because c’mon you only have one life to live , so be reckless. They expect us not to work at fast food places  because that’s where the uneducated and less motivated work.  They expect men not show their weakness and not to cry because if they do, they aren’t really a man. They expect you to have the latest fashions, the newest cars, make great money  to actually be considered human. They expect us to be fit and thin because if you aren’t you are lazy and disgusting. They expect women to have the same eyebrows and highlight; wearing the makeup how’s it is trending, if not you are ugly.  They expect us to follow society’s long list on how to live,  not knowing they themselves have their own expectations  wrong. See you shouldn’t judge people because us people and the society  have  two different expectations. 




living or existing?

Let me ask you a simple question; are you living or just existing?

Living is being yourself, laughing at your mistakes, really loving those around you, appreciating every day you get the chance to live, laughing so hard you are okay with being sore the next day. Doing what you love and never wanting to look back.

Existing is another whole world of living except you aren’t really living. You are just in the moment but aren’t really paying attention. You listen to those talking to you but you don’t really grasp it, it  goes from one ear out the other. You laugh but you know yourself it’s not really your laugh. You hug those around you but it’s not what you want to do, so you’ll just play it off and act like it’s true. Your head is here, but your thoughts aren’t. You’re in the future, you’re in the past,  but never in the present. So, you are just existing not really living.

So tell me are you living or just existing?